Thursday, October 26, 2006

Fedora Core 6 (ZOD)

A few hours ago was announced the releace of Fedora Core 6 codenamed Zod. It includes a lot of improvements, bugfixes and software updates. Here are the most important of them:

  • This release features GNOME 2.16 and KDE 3.5.4.
  • Fedora Core 6 includes a refreshing new "DNA" theme, which is part of a continuous team effort from the Fedora Artwork Project.
  • This release includes Dogtail which provides a graphical test and automation framework for the desktop.
  • All Fedora Core applications have been rebuilt using `DT_GNU_HASH`, which provides up to a 50% performance boost on applications using dynamic linking.
  • The performance of the Fedora's default ext3 filesystem has been boosted in recent versions of the Linux kernel.
  • A new background service caches and increases the performance of network filesystems such as AFS and NFS. This service is part of the ongoing CacheFS development by Red Hat.
  • CUPS printing service starts much more faster since it now detects devices on demand
  • Fedora Core 6 features a 2.6.18 based kernel. There are no longer separate kernels for SMP and UP processors on any architecture. A single kernel now automatically detects your processor configuration and enables the proper bits for it.
  • This release supports Apple Macintosh systems running the new Intel processors.
Download Fedora Core 6 from the official file server or this torrent tracker.

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