Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Xubuntu 6.10 Announced

Xubuntu is just Ubuntu with the XFCE desctop environment. It is lighter than KDE and even Gnome. XFCE is used for old or slow machines. I prefer Gnome :)
Anyway, these are the new features of Xubuntu 6.10:
* Newer Xfce Desktop Environment (4.4 RC1) which brings trashcan support in Thunar and the panel, accessibility settings for the keyboard, and other improvements and fixes.
* New artwork for the boot splash, login screen and wallpaper.
* The more mature gxine media player replaces xfmedia.
* New printer GUI: system-config-printer from Fedora Core 6.
* Easier installation of packages with gnome-app-install.
* A calculator application and a dictionary panel plugin.
* Better support for users with motor disabilities via configurable sticky keys, mouse keys and an on-screen-keyboard application.
* Newer versions of firefox, abiword and gnumeric.
* New LTSP version on the alternate CD for setting up thin client networks.
* Other changes common to all Ubuntu variants such as the new 2.6.17 kernel, Xorg 7.1 and the upstart init system.

Click here to download Xubuntu.

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