Monday, January 29, 2007

How to install Adobe Flash Player 9 for Mozilla Firefox and Opera

It is not so hard :)

First download the installer - here. Download and uncompress the archive. Open the console and navigate to the just created directory. Then type the following command;

The instaler will ask you to close all your running browsers. Close them. The next step is to select the installation folder, and install the player. By default this folder is the firefox plugins folder:


To get Opera use the new flash player open Opera. Select Tools -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Plug-in Options -> Change Path
Then select the directory, where you just installed the flash player, select Ok and press the Find New ... button from the Plug-ins window. Thats all :)

Enjoy your flash 9 player for linux.


waste of time said...

I don't get how it's not hard. I don't even understand these instructions. I've tried every way that's been shown to install flash for linux and nothing. I've done everything that the instruction told me to do. Nothing.

dova said...
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dova said...

-download the stated file to the desktop.
-point cursor at file
-right click; select 'Action'; then 'open terminal here'
-from here a new window should open (this is the terminal or console)
-type './flashplayer-installer' (sans quotes)
-read and follow the directions.
this should get you there from here.