Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Musix GNU+Linux 0.99

Musix GNU+Linux is a 100% free software multimedia operating system for artists and general users. This is the most stable and user friendly version for now.

Since version 0.79, Musix GNU+Linux is focused on multimedia content creation and specially on music, that is: music production, audio edition, video edition, 3D animation, graphic design, image edition, web design… without forgetting the usual software for desktop’s PCs.

The most important programs in this distribution are Ardour 0.99.3 (audio sequencer), Rosegarden 1.4.0 (audio/midi sequencer), Cinelerra (video edition), Bluefish (web design), GIMP (image manipulation), Inkscape (vectorial graphic design) and Blender3D (3D animation).

Homepage: Musix
Download: Musix

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