Tuesday, May 22, 2007

KDE 3.5.7 Released

Homepage: http://kde.org
Download: KDE 3.5.7

Early this morning I saw that there is new update to the legendary K Desktop Environment. I am not big fan of KDE(XFCE for the win!) but it looks cool :)
KDE 3.5.7 features translations in 65 languages and lots of bug fixes.
This release has a renewed focus on KDE PIM applications. KAddressBook, KOrganizer and KAlarm received attention with bugfixes, while KMail additionally witnessed new features and improvements with both interface work and IMAP handling: it can manage IMAP quota and copy and move all folders.

These applications have been updated:
  • KPDF shows tooltips for links when hovering on them, displays correctly more complex PDF files like this Firefox advertisement and reacts to the commands for opening the Table of Contents pane.
  • Umbrello now can generate and export C# Code and has added Java 5 generics support.
  • KDevelop got a major version upgrade to version 3.4.1. New features include much improved Code Completion and Navigation, a more reliable debugger interface, Qt4 support and better Ruby and KDE4 development support.
The KDE`s HTML and JavaScript engines (KHTML and KJS) have been updated too :)

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